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home from vacation

Well I got home from vacation on Monday and things have been a little crazy and I haven’t had time to blog. While I was on vacation I started my afghan that I am making out of Knit Picks Swish Superwash Worsted Weight. I got two sqaures of it done and will have pictures tomorrow. We came home from vacation to a small plumbing problem that has been fixed and all of the plumbing is back in working condition again. I basically finished the first monkey sock before we left other than grafting the toe together which couldn’t happen because all of my darning needles and other wonderful knitting notions were packed in my suitcase to be checked so that I would have them if I needed them on vacation so I will also have pictures of that coming tomorrow hopefully as long as the grafting gets done later today which may or may not happen seeing as I have a pretty bad cold and am not really feeling up to par. Well that is all for today hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow if not then they will definatly be in my next entry.


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Going on Vacation

Well I am leaving on Friday for Florida for 10 days. My husband and I are going to Disney World with his mother, his stepfather, and his 2 step siblings. I will be bringing some yarn for my afghan along with me and starting that while in Florida during the couple of days when we won’t be in Disney and for when we get back to our hotel room at night and are just relaxing. I am almost finished with the first Monkey sock and will have pictures when it is done. I will probably finish it before I go to Florida but won’t post until I get back to to time restraints. I will be back on Monday the 25th and will be back to posting then since I don’t have a laptop to continue posting while I am there.

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New FO

Well first off sorry for no recent posts I somehow got signed out of blogger and couldn’t remember my password and my screenname wasn’t working and I finally got it figured out today and here I am. Lots of stuff has happened since m last post. I finished my first pair of socks. They came out a little to big but that is entirely my fault because I think I needed to make them one size smaller and didn’t realize it until it was to late.

I also have pictures of the Faux Cable Eyelet Scarf that I designed using a stitch pattern book. I think I mentioned this project before but am not positive. It is getting close to being done. When it is done I will add fringe to the ends.

I also have cast on and started a pair of monkey socks (ravelry link). They are being done in Fearless Fibers 100% Superwash Merino Fingering Weight in the colorway Saltillo. They are coming out awesome and much progress has been made since these pictures the first sock is actually about 75% done at this point I just don’t feel like taking pictures at the moment I will take more pictures when the first sock is done however I won’t be blocking them until I have the second one done because I will be buying sock blockers and more sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe when they are almost finished.

I also bought a whole bunch of stuff from Knit Picks since I last posted. I ordered 62 balls of Swish Superwash Worsted Weight in the colorway Lemongrass Heather to make an afghan which I will start once my scarf is finished. It going to be the Big and Cozy Afghan (ravelry link) which actually calls for bulky yarn so I will be doubleing up the worsted weight which is why I need such a crazy amount. I saved forever to get this yarn and can’t wait to make my afghan. Here is a picture of a couple balls of this yarn.

I also bought 3 balls of Felici in the colorway Arugula. So that I can make a basic pair of socks with the self striping yarn. Here is a picture of some of it.

I also bought some of the Harmony Wood Fixed Circulars for making the afghan and the Harmony Wood Sock DPN set, plus some DPN holders, some DPN work in progress holders, and a set of the Harmony Wood Cable Needles. I had never used the Harmony Wood before I had always used bamboo needles and I just love the Harmony wood DPN’s and I know I will love the circulars. I don’t like how slippery metal needles are (I always tend to drop stitches) and I was having trouble with the small sized bamboo needles breaking these needles fixed both those problems. They are sturdy enough that they don’t bend and break like the bamboo ones but they are not nearly as slippery as the metal ones. Anyways thats all for now I will have more pictures up when I finish the first monkey sock and the scarf.

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