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7 Deadly Sins of Knitting

This is from a contest on the blog Handmade by Jennifer for her 777th post. If you head on over there you can read her 7 Deadly Sins of Knitting and enter as well.

1.)Pride: When I was knitting my first project from a pattern and was about half way through the pattern and hadn’t made a mistake so far and I was so proud of myself that I started to rely on memory alone for the pattern even though I sort of knew that I didn’t have it completely memorized and so I ended up moving the entire stitch pattern over by a like 3 stitches and I didn’t know how to fix it.
2.)Envy: I am always in envy of people who can afford to have a stash full of yarn and people who can afford to knit with luxury yarns like cashmere.
3.)Gluttony: I bought enough yarn to make an afghan started the afghan and am not even halfway through and am already bored with it. I knew I would be bored with it way before finishing it but wanted the yarn and homemade afghan so bad that I just bought it.
4.)Lust:I won a gift certificate to a yarn shop on Etsy and I saw this beautiful lace weight yarn and had to have it so I picked out a pattern for it and used the gift certificate on the yarn. I haven’t started the project yet but I have a feeling that it is going to be to hard. It is not an easy project but I absolutely love it so I will try and probably fail.
5.)Anger: My sisters Sterling Cloche really made me angry because I just hated the yarn. It had all these little loops all over it that kept catching on my needles when I was knitting and to top it all off I had to double the yarn up which made it even worse.
6.)Greed: I love to buy knitting books. I have like 20 of them and have only knit things out of like two of them.
7.)Sloth: I started a scarf in January 2008 and it was almost finished by the end of that month I only had like 6 rows to go but I was so bored with it that I put it down and didn’t finish it until the end of March 2008.
Those are my 7 Deadly Knitting Sins. Let Jennifer know what yours are so that you can be entered to win the contest as well.


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Calorimetry and contest

I am almost finished with the Calorimetry I just have to find a button to sew onto it to finish it off and I will have pictures as soon as that is done. I will also have pictures of me wearing the scarf as well when I post them.
On another note I have entered yet another contest and would like to send you all that way. It is on the Baa Baa Blacksheep blog and the post can be found here http://bea-blacksheep.blogspot.com/2008/03/313-and-contest.html . If any of you go over and enter be sure to let her know that I sent you so that I can get an extra entry.

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Finshed Scarf

Well I finished my scarf finally. I ended up leaving half a ball of the yarn so that I can make Calorimetry which you can find on in Knitty Winter 2006. I am about to cast it on now and hopefully will have pictures of the scarf being worn soon.

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Well I have yet another contest for everybody. It is over at The Bag Lady and The Pro blog. The link to the blog is http://yarnfamily.com/ and it is the March 23rd post. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with a link to a blog that you love and let her know why you love it. Good luck everybody.

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Well Easter kind of snuck up on me and I didn’t realize that it was today until Friday night when my grandmother came over for dinner. Anyways I went to church for the first time in years today. Since I have been gone from my church they have gotten a new pastor which is a great thing. One of the reasons that I stopped going to church is that the pastor that was there had long drawn out sermons in a monotone voice that he just didn’t seem that passionate about. So I went today and loved the new pastor. She had so much passion about her sermon and she really has a good connection with the church. So I have decided to start going to church every Sunday again which I am extremely happy about. I rely on my faith to get me through a lot in my life but just wasn’t getting anything from the old pastor at my church so I am very excited to be going back to church. Anyways I spent the day with my family and we had a very casual Easter dinner of homemade mac and cheese that my sister made (which was amazing but definitely awful for you). We rented the movie August Rush which was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone. I got a little bit of knitting done on my second Monkey sock while we watched the movie. I hope everyone had as great an Easter as I did.

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Contests and Podcasts

I have gone kind of contest crazy I guess because here is yet another contest that I have entered. Or maybe it is just that a lot of people are having contests right now but I will link you to this contest as well (I think that this may be the case because I haven’t read about this many conests on the blogs that I read ever. It is a blogaversary contest and the prize has not been announced yet but it is bound to be good. So here is the link.

On another note I am way behind on listening to my podcasts. I fell behind when I went to Florida for vacation and then had so much stuff to do when I got back that I forgot to listen to them and now I am way backed up and trying to catch up on things. I have listened to a few but I am still way behind and I have just discovered some new podcasts to listen to so I am even farther behind than I was. I am will probably end up listening to a lot of them as I do my massive spring cleanup over the next couple weeks. There will probably not be too many photos of new knitting and I might even be posting about some things other than my knitting.

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The Scarf

I am so excited I worked on my scarf a little bit earlier tonight and it is looking like it could be done soon. I am hoping that it is so that I can be done with it. I think that I started it in January and have just been so bored with it that I haven’t done a lot of work at a time on it like I have with other projects. I already made one of the same scarf in a differant colorway for my sister for Christmas and I just can’t wait to be done with this one so that I can take FO pictures of me wearing it. Hopefully I will have those by the middle of next week.

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