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I’ve been tagged by Nachaele so here is goes!

1.) What was I doing 10 years ago?  I was in Elementary School 10 years ago I believe.  So I was living with my parents and my 2 younger sisters in the house that I just moved back into in Topsfield, MA.

2.) What are 5 things on my to-do list today?

-I have to work on my scarf for my sisters graduation

-I have to do laundry

-I have to call the court house about some divorce papers

-I have to finish making a teddy bear for charity to give to children in the hospital in Boston

-I have to make dinner for my mothers birthday

3.) Snacks I enjoy?

I like dark chocolate, the darker the better as what I would call my sweet favorite although it isn’t really that sweet.

I like Kettle Chips in the Salt and Vinegar flavor as my salty snack.

I like crackers with hummus as my savory snack.

4.)What would I do if I were a billionaire?

I would help eradicate AIDs and from Africa and donate money to help people who already have AIDS in Africa.  I would also pay off all of my debt and buy a huge condo in the city.  Plus buy yarn of course.

5.)Places I have lived?

I have lived in Topsfield, Cambridge, and Middleton all in MA.

6. )What jobs have you had?

I have worked at Macys/Filenes and am just about to start working at Steve and Barrys.  But I plan on starting school in the fall to become an Elementary Special Education Teacher.

7.)Friends I want to know more about:

Bea from Baa Baa Blacksheep


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No Friday Favorites

I am not going to have a Friday Favorite this week.  This week has been kind of crazy and I am still trying to unpack my stuff from moving back to my parents and I am trying to get divorce papers filed and all kinds of crazy stuff so I just haven’t had time to figure out a place to save photos to on one of the computers in the house so that I can upload pictures to my blog.  I have gotten some knitting done this week but posting pictures won’t be possible until I get around to asking someone about borrowing a camera and I find a place on one of the computers to save the photos to.  So I am not sure when I will get back to my normal pace of posting it all really depends on when my life calms down a little which won’t be for a while as I am starting a new job on the 24th and am planning/getting ready for my Grandmothers 80th birthday party which is on the 31st and also my sister is graduating a week after that so my life is a little bit crazy right now and I am not sure when it is going to calm down a little.  So hopefully I will get a few posts in here and there but I probably won’t have any pictures or anything exciting for a while.  Thanks to everyone for their supportive comments I truly appreciate them and hope that all of you will stick with reading my blog even though it will probably be very slow moving and a little boring for a while.

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I probably won’t be posting quite as much as I usually do anymore and I just wanted to let you know why.  I have just moved back to my parents house and won’t have as much computer time anymore because my husband (soon to be ex) is keeping the computer which was his before I met him and my computer that was still at my parents house died a couple months ago so I will be sharing a computer with the rest of the family from now on.  I will still try to do the Friday Favorites and keep you updated on my knitting it just won’t be as often as it used to be.

Now I will give you a quick update on my knitting before I go to do some other things.  I have started making the scarf for my sisters graduation out of that laceweight yarn.  I am making the Halcyon Scarf from Knitty.  I have also gotten a little bit of knitting done on both the Hex Coat and the self striping socks.  I don’t have any pictures and will try to get some at some point hopefully within the week but I am not really sure since the camera was my husbands as well so I will have to borrow one from someone here.

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This week’s Friday Favorite if from the Blue Kitty Designs Etsy Shop.  This shop sells all differant kinds of knitting needle and crochet hook rolls as well as stitch markers, notions bags, and totes.  Today I am going to feature her Interchangeable Needle Rolls which comes in a number of differant fabrics I just chose my favorite one to post photos of. 

Each of these needle rolls holds 12 sets of Needle Tips and has 4 wider pockets to hold the cables and some notions.  Both rows of pockets are 3″ deep and the pockets for the needle tips come in two differant widths to accomadate differant needle sizes.  The shop will also do custom orders if you have a specific fabric that you would like to use.  






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Well I have made a couple of decisions about some of my WIPs.  I guess I will start with the Twisted Tulip Socks, I love the pattern but they are moving along really slowly and the way they look so far the yarn is really too busy to show the stitch pattern as well as I would like it to.  I feel like I am putting so much work into them and they just aren’t going to look as spectacular as they could in a solid or semisolid color.  So I am going to frog them.  I haven’t decided what pattern the yarn will become yet but I will probably wait to start new socks with it until I have finished the self striping socks.  I will definitely make a pair of the Twisted Tulip Socks I will just wait until I have some semisolid or solid yarn.

As far as the Honeybee Stole goes, after my little disaster with the knot in the yarn I lost quite a bit of yarn and have a bad feeling that if I continue with the pattern I am going to run out of yarn before I finish so I think that I am going to frog that as well and turn it into two lace scarves.  One for my sister’s graduation and one for me.  More on what patterns those will be next time I post about knitting content.  This pattern will be made later as well once I can get new yarn to make it with.  Well now I have to go to bed I just wanted to get that out before I forgot to post about it. 

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I ended up getting no more work done on my Twisted Tulip Socks or my Honeybee Stole so I only have pictures of the new sweater that I started and the self striping socks to show. 

First off I am going to show my progress on my self striping sock.  I am still working on the first one.  I am in the middle of the heel flap.  I plan to work on these some today and at least get through the heel and possibly start the gusset depending on how it goes.


Next up we have the start of the Hex Coat from Knitting Nature (ravelry links).  I started this on Friday and got about halfway as far as I am not and realized that I had messed up the stitch pattern and so I had to pull it all out and start over or else I would be quite a bit farther than I am now.  I am making a size large which will hopefully fit well.  This is the first sweater I have ever made so I am a little concerned about the whole finishing part as I detest even weaving in ends on projects with no seams b ut hopefully the excitement of having a handmade sweater will keep me on track with all of the finishing. 

Hopefully later in the week I will have some work done on the Honeybee Stole.  RIght now I am somewhat contemplating frogging the Twisted Tulip Socks and doing a differant pattern because they are getting even less done on them than the Honeybee Stole.  There are just so many cable twists on the socks that I am constantly looking at the pattern so it is horrible tv knitting and so I haven’t even finished one full repeat fo the pattern yet.  The Honeybee Stole needs to get some work done on it since I would like to give it to my sister as a graduation present.   I am thinking that is not going to happen though since it is moving to slowly unless I work solely on that project alone.  I will decide about that sometime today or tomorrow so that I can start doing some marathon knitting on that and get it done by the first week of June for her graduation.  Well thats all for today I will post later this week about what I decide about the Honeybee Stole and depending on that I may not have a ton of knitting content for the next couple weeks because that will end up being the only project I am really working on. 







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Quick Post!

I just entered a great contest over at My Life in Stitches 1870 Pearl .  Her contest is running all through May and everytime you post a comment on her blog during May you will be entered to win the prize at the end of the month!  You can read about it more in this post.  Go check it out!

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