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Break between posts

I don’t have anything to show but I just wanted to let people know that everything is okay, I just have had virtually no knitting time since school started up again.  I am crazy so I am taking 5 classes and so I have been doing homework pretty much all the time except when I am sleeping.  I did get a couple rows knit last weekend on the shawl and will hopefully have time to get some knitting done this weekend.  The shawl is still not long enough to photograph and probably won’t be anytime soon even if I do have plenty of knitting time this weekend (which is doubtful) due to my mom wanting me to finish her self-striping socks for her.  She is getting antsy and I am dreading finishing them because they are so boring but I am going to try to work on just those for a while so that I can get the second one finished.  So hopefully I will have those to show sometime soon.  My sisters teddy bear is also on the priority list so that I can give it to her when she comes home for Columbus Day in October.  Also I got many compliments on the lace scarf and comments saying that my sister would love it.  I did not have time to respond to any of them but have read them all and I wanted to thank all of you.  My sister recieved it about a week after I posted about it and absolutely loves it.  She told me she can’t wait for cold weather so that she can wear it.  Hopefully I can get a picture of her wearing it, I am not sure though.  Anyways thats all I have for now.  I hope to have something to show you all soon but for now my random babbling will have to do. 

On another note I had originally planned on this being only an knitting blog but due to lack of knitting at the moment I want to get your opinion on changing some things up.  I am thinking of writing more about school and other random happenings in my life and just putting in knitting stuff when I have something to show, but I don’t want to lose readers by doing this.  So if people could just leave comments saying whether you would rather have fewer posts and just knitting or more posts and more stuff about other aspects of life that would be great.  Thanks so much to anyone who is continuing to read my blog despite the infrequent posts and horrible pictures, it is truly appreciated.


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FO: Leaf Lace Scarf

I finished knitting and blocked the Leaf Lace Scarf yesterday and it was dry when I checked it today so I have a picture of on FO.  This project was a great first lace project with an easy to memorize pattern than looks gorgeous when blocked.   I am so excited to mail it off to my sister at college so that she can use it. 

I am almost finished with the teddy bear that I am working on as well and will be trying to get it finished within the next week.  So hopefully I will have pictures of that soon. 

I also just cast on for a new project which I already love.   I am knitting Fiore di Melanzana, which is Ann Hanson’s latest pattern.  I am knitting this out of the Malabrigo Lace in the colorway Shocking Pink.  I don’t have enough yet to photograph but if I keep knitting at this rate I will soon.

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