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Well I have barely gotten any work done on the Honeybee Stole because I had a slight issue with tangled yarn and had to cut a huge chunk of the yarn out and it is not useable anymore so I am a little concerned that I won’t have enough yarn.  I am thinking that I will do one or two less repeats of the first lace pattern so that I will definitly have enough.   So there are no photos of that today as I am a little frustrated at the moment with it.

Then we have the Twisted Tulip Socks (ravelry link)  which I have come far enough along to get pictures but just barely.  You are just starting to be able to see the stitch pattern on them.   I haven’t gotten very far with them as there has been very little time to knit without the tv this week. 

Then the last WIP I have is the pair of self striping socks that I started in order to have tv knitting.   They are coming along well and I am loving seeing the stripes form as I knit.  They are just basic top down socks from Getting Started Knitting Socks and I am knitting the ankle in a knit 1 purl 1 ribbing. 

Lastly I have given up on the afghan and I am going to make sweaters out of the yarn that I originally bought for it.  I think that I have enough to make 2 sweaters out of what I have left since I was doubling up worsted weight yarn for the afghan.  So I will soon be casting on the Hex Cardigan (ravelry link) from Knitting Nature with some of the afghan yarn.  I just have to go get the right size needles for the pattern either this evening or tomorrow.  I think that after I make the Hex Cardigan I am going to make Oblique from Knitty with more of the yarn from the afghan.  I believe after that I will have about 12 balls left of the yarn and I am not quite sure what I will do with that.  Well thats all for today tomorrow is Friday Favorites so you can look forward to seeing something cool from Etsy then.


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I just discovered another blog that is running a great contest right now full of awesome knitting related things off of Etsy.  Go check it out and let her know that I sent you if you enter.  You can find the contest post here

Also I started a new pair of basic sock using the Knit Picks Felici Sock Yarn in the colorway Arugula that I bought a couple months ago.  I really needed something basic other than afghan squares to knit while watching tv so I cast them on.  I don’t have any photos of them yet but I plan to take photos of those and my Twisted Tulip Socks  progress either tonight or tomorrow and doing a post about them.  Thats all for now.

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