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This week  I am going to review the first book in the Guenevere Trilogy by Rosalind Miles.  The book is called Guenevere, Queen of Summer Country.  I love this book because it shows the story of King Arthur from a completely different perspective.  The book is extremely descriptive about everything (from battle stories to sex stories) so beware if you do read it that it is not a book for someone who doesn’t want to hear about the little details of things.  The first book starts off before Guenevere and Arthur are married and you learn a lot about the background of the characters and there cultures.  You also learn about the problems between the people of Guenevere’s culture who believe in the Lady of the Lake and the Christians.  Overall it was a great book and I loved reading about the King Arthur story from Guenevere’s perspective.   I think that I would give this book a 4 out of 5.


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