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I ended up getting no more work done on my Twisted Tulip Socks or my Honeybee Stole so I only have pictures of the new sweater that I started and the self striping socks to show. 

First off I am going to show my progress on my self striping sock.  I am still working on the first one.  I am in the middle of the heel flap.  I plan to work on these some today and at least get through the heel and possibly start the gusset depending on how it goes.


Next up we have the start of the Hex Coat from Knitting Nature (ravelry links).  I started this on Friday and got about halfway as far as I am not and realized that I had messed up the stitch pattern and so I had to pull it all out and start over or else I would be quite a bit farther than I am now.  I am making a size large which will hopefully fit well.  This is the first sweater I have ever made so I am a little concerned about the whole finishing part as I detest even weaving in ends on projects with no seams b ut hopefully the excitement of having a handmade sweater will keep me on track with all of the finishing. 

Hopefully later in the week I will have some work done on the Honeybee Stole.  RIght now I am somewhat contemplating frogging the Twisted Tulip Socks and doing a differant pattern because they are getting even less done on them than the Honeybee Stole.  There are just so many cable twists on the socks that I am constantly looking at the pattern so it is horrible tv knitting and so I haven’t even finished one full repeat fo the pattern yet.  The Honeybee Stole needs to get some work done on it since I would like to give it to my sister as a graduation present.   I am thinking that is not going to happen though since it is moving to slowly unless I work solely on that project alone.  I will decide about that sometime today or tomorrow so that I can start doing some marathon knitting on that and get it done by the first week of June for her graduation.  Well thats all for today I will post later this week about what I decide about the Honeybee Stole and depending on that I may not have a ton of knitting content for the next couple weeks because that will end up being the only project I am really working on. 








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