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Well I had kind of put down the afghan due to being bored with knitting square after square and I still am somewhat bored with it, however I needed something to knit while watching tv so I have picked it up again.  It is boring but good tv knitting and due to having other great tv knitting for a while it was forgotten.  I finished about half of a square the other night but don’t have any pictures.  I haven’t gotten much knitting done at all on my socks or my lace stole.  I have gotten a couple of rows into the part of the sock that has a ton of cableing and so the work is moving extremely slow due to the complicated cable pattern.   I am loving the socks and how they are coming out but they take a lot of brain power which I haven’t had much of lately so only a row or 2 has gotten done at a time.  The Honeybee Stole got about 5 rows done on it the other day while I was at the laundromat waiting for my laundry, but is also moving along rather slow due to the amount of brain power it takes.

I just checked out the Interweave Knits Summer 2008 Preview Page a little earlier and love a ton of the patterns.   I may just have to get over my fear of trying colorwork because of this issue.  Which I know it sounds somewhat irrational to be afraid of colorwork when I dove head in to sock and lace knitting with only a couple of months of knowing how to knit especially considering the leval of patterns I am working on in those types of knitting already but colorwork for some reason scares me.  I am thinking maybe it is the knitting with 2 hands thing I don’t know but I think I am going to try it sometime soon.

Anyways back to the Summer 2008 Preview, I thought that I would list some of my favorites that I am thinking that I might make eventually.  These are in no way in the order of which ones I like more it is just the order that they are listed on the preview.

-Tidewater Wrap

-Elinor Tunic

-Delft Tiles Tee

-Imprint Tank

-Tapestry Skirt

-Wallis Cardigan

-Brick Pullover (my husband would never wear this but maybe I could make it for my father since I love it so much)

-Confectionary Tank (already downloaded so that I won’t forget to do it before the date it goes off the site)

-Roped Shell

-Windowpane Socks

-Eyelet Surplice Dress

-Wakame Lace Tunic

-Gossamer Stars Scarf

-Apres Surf Hoodie

I know its crazy how many I like and I will never get around to knitting them all (although I wish I had the time and money to) but those are the ones I like which is great because that means that I will have a lot to choose from depending on what I want to knit.  Anyways that is all for today hopefully more knitting will get done and I will have pictures to show of it soon.  Probably either Sunday or Tuesday since Monday is book review day and I doubt I will have enough knitting done for it to be worth photographing by tomorrow.


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