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7 Deadly Sins of Knitting

This is from a contest on the blog Handmade by Jennifer for her 777th post. If you head on over there you can read her 7 Deadly Sins of Knitting and enter as well.

1.)Pride: When I was knitting my first project from a pattern and was about half way through the pattern and hadn’t made a mistake so far and I was so proud of myself that I started to rely on memory alone for the pattern even though I sort of knew that I didn’t have it completely memorized and so I ended up moving the entire stitch pattern over by a like 3 stitches and I didn’t know how to fix it.
2.)Envy: I am always in envy of people who can afford to have a stash full of yarn and people who can afford to knit with luxury yarns like cashmere.
3.)Gluttony: I bought enough yarn to make an afghan started the afghan and am not even halfway through and am already bored with it. I knew I would be bored with it way before finishing it but wanted the yarn and homemade afghan so bad that I just bought it.
4.)Lust:I won a gift certificate to a yarn shop on Etsy and I saw this beautiful lace weight yarn and had to have it so I picked out a pattern for it and used the gift certificate on the yarn. I haven’t started the project yet but I have a feeling that it is going to be to hard. It is not an easy project but I absolutely love it so I will try and probably fail.
5.)Anger: My sisters Sterling Cloche really made me angry because I just hated the yarn. It had all these little loops all over it that kept catching on my needles when I was knitting and to top it all off I had to double the yarn up which made it even worse.
6.)Greed: I love to buy knitting books. I have like 20 of them and have only knit things out of like two of them.
7.)Sloth: I started a scarf in January 2008 and it was almost finished by the end of that month I only had like 6 rows to go but I was so bored with it that I put it down and didn’t finish it until the end of March 2008.
Those are my 7 Deadly Knitting Sins. Let Jennifer know what yours are so that you can be entered to win the contest as well.


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