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FO and new socks

Well I finished the Monkey socks earlier this afternoon and have pictures of them on my feet. 

I love them and they fit wonderfully.  These are my second pair of socks that I have made and the first pair were to big.  So this is a big deal that they fit so well.  I am super excited.  They are super comfy and I will probably wear them tomorrow.

Also I have started a pair of socks with the Yarn Pig Petunia Sock that is talked about in this post.  I decided on the Twisted Tulip Socks even though I am a little worried about doing cables on such small needles.  Also this is the first pattern that I have had to use a chart in which I was a little nervous about because I am horrible at keeping my place in stuff like that.  I cast on for them and did two rows on them this evening and am not finding the chart to hard yet but it is still pretty easy to keep track of the rows as I am not to far into them yet.  However I have already done one cable cross and found it super easy so those fears are completely gone.  Hopefully working with the chart won’t be to hard because I love the socks and would hate to have to pull them back and start something else due to being to confused with the chart.  I don’t have any pictures of them yet but will probably have some either Monday or Tuesday once I have a little more done on them.

I also got a little bit of work done on the Honeybee Stole and am almost done with the second 20 row repeat and will have pictures of that once the repeat is done although I can’t promise that will be real soon because the project isn’t good tv knitting so I have to be in the mood to just sit and knit to be able to knit on that. 

Anyways I am having a great weekend so far and tomorrow promises to be a great day as well.  My youngest sisters 16th birthday is tomorrow so I went out to breakfast with my family this morning and then tomorrow night my mother is making a big birthday dinner.  So this weekend is full of family fun.

More on those socks at the beginning of this week but for now I have to leave and go to bed.


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Knitting Progress

Well I have a little bit of knitting progress to post but not a whole lot. First off I have some progress on my second Monkey sock. I just turned the heel and am about to do the gusset.

I have kind of been putting off finishing this pair of socks because I didn’t have any more sock yarn to start new socks and can’t afford to buy any at the moment. This problem however was fixed by winning yet another contest the other day where I won some sock yarn and a sock bag from the Baa Baa Blacksheep blog. She has a great blog which you should go check out. She also has a awesome Etsy shop where she sells handdyed yarn and knitting bags (the link over the word Etsy is to her shop). I hope you will all check it out because both her yarn and bags are beautiful.
I also have pictures of my slowly progressing Honeybee Stole which is made out of the lace yarn from the last contest that I won. I have finished one 20 row repeat in the first section and I am loving how it is turning out. I can’t wait to see it as a FO but that is a long way off seeing as how long it is taking me to knit just one repeat of the pattern.

I also wanted to run a idea by all my readers. I am thinking about posting about different books that I have read or am reading once a week on the blog and just wanted to know how you all feel about that. I have been trying to come up with some ideas for weekly blog posts for a couple days a week so if any of you have any ideas it would me much appreciated. One other thing that I have though about doing weekly is posting each week about an Etsy shop I have found. Most of them I probably won’t have bought anything from as I am fairly new to Etsy but I thought that would be kind of fun to do so that my readers could see some of the other things I am interested in other than knitting and yarn.


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