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Almost Finished

Well I thought that the teddy bear would be finished about a week ago but then things go a little crazy around here trying to get my sister ready so that she could leave for college this morning.  We had a million and one things to do and then to top it all off my dad decided last minute to take me and my other sister camping.  So the bear is almost done and may even possibly be done in time for the Ravelympics.  The little bear which my sister has already named was supposed to go to school with her this morning but will now have to be mailed.  My schedule will be getting busier come the beginning of September as well so I will have very little knitting time then so I better get some of my stuff done within the next week.  I will be taking a full load of classes this fall and also working three afternoons a week at a preschool in my town so hopefully I will be able to get a little bit of knitting done but it is doubtful.  This blog will probably either become a school and work blog this fall or just not have many posts at all.  Anyways that’s all I have for today hopefully within the next day I will be able to post pictures of the bear that I made my sister.


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