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Well I just received my prize from the contest on Yarn Pig’s blog Baa Baa Blacksheep.  Here is what I won.

This is a picture of all of the prizes together which are all just amazing.  There is sock yarn, a little sock bag, and some handmade stitch markers.  I will follow with some individual pictures of each item.   All of these items are from her Etsy shop.  She now sells sock kits which come with a sock bag, sock yarn, and stitch markers all matched up together.

This is the sock yarn.  It is the Petunia Sock Yarn in the colorway Deep Love and as said before other colors of the sock yarn can found at her Etsy shop although I don’t believe she has anymore of this colorway.

These are the stitch markers which she hand makes and can also be found at her Etsy shop

 This is the sock bag which she makes in all different fabrics and sells on her Etsy shop.  She also sells larger bags as well.

Now I just have to decide which sock pattern to make with this yarn.  I have a couple ideas and don’t know which I want to do so I am going to post my options here and would love to hear what you all think.  I will be starting them this weekend hopefully so leave your comments by then.

The Options:

Pomatomus by Cookie A from Knitty

Twisted Tulip Socks by Chrissy Gardinar from Interweave Knits Spring 2008 (this one is a Ravelry link)

Queen of Cups by Nathania Apple from Knitty

I love them all and have no idea which one I want to make with this yarn so your opinion on it would be great.

Well that is all for now i should have the 2nd Monkey Sock done by the end of the week and I have a couple of rows added to the Honeybee Stole which is moving along slowly.  I can’t wait to hear your opinion on which sock pattern to use.  I should be starting the socks this weekend either Saturday or Sunday whichever day I get over to my Mom’s house to use her ball winder.



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