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Sorry for not posting for a while things have still been kind of busy and will probably continue to be pretty busy but I should be able to post once and a while although the Friday Favorites won’t be as consistent as I had hoped. 

Anyways onto the good stuff.  I was in Cambridge visiting one of the schools that I am thinking of transferring to for after the fall last Saturday and we were in Harvard Square which is right near Woolcott and Co.  so I had to check it out since it is quite possible that it will be my yarn shop of choice once I transfer.  So I walked in with the mindset that I absolutely wouldn’t buy anything, which usually works for me.  Then lo and behold the lady working there comes up to me and my mom and mention that all the yarn was 30% off and all the accessories and books were 25% off.  I still had no intention of buying anything until I realized that they carry all types and weights of Malabrigo and then I just had to buy some Malabrigo Lace which I have been dying to try.  So I bought 4 skeins of that in the colorway Shocking Pink. 

 I then realized that I needed some solid colored sock yarn for my next sock project so I ended up buying some Claudia Handpainted Fingering Weight yarn in the colorway mint. 

When I got to the register my total was around $42 which is great for that much yarn and the lady told me that if I spent $8 more I could get a free tote so my mom ended up buying some wool wash which she had been thinking about for a while and I got the free tote, which regrettably I don’t have a picture of to show but it is just a large canvas bag with the Woolcott logo on it which will be great to use as a shopping bag when I shop there in the future, which even if I don’t end up going to school in Cambridge or Boston I will definitely go back.  The people there were incredibly nice and very approachable and they had a great selection of yarn that I like.

In other knitting news the teddy bear that I am making for my sister is in the process of being sewn up and I should have pictures of it as an FO soon.   This also means that I will have finished at least one of my projects for the Ravelympics.  Also the Hex Coat I have decided to frog due to the fact that I have lost a ton of weight since I started it and am continuing to lose weight so i will be starting it over once I have gotten down to my target weight.


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